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Commercial Real Estate News Brief: December 2016

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In the latest edition of our monthly news brief, JLL’s regional team curates the top commercial real estate industry articles to keep you in-the-know. In this month’s edition, JLL spotlights the 2016 election impact, virtual reality in CRE and predictions for 2017 workplace strategy.

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Steady CRE Outlook Forecasted in Wake of 2016 Election

JLL CRE News Brief

Newspaper image via NS Newsflash.

Similar to the aftermath of previous elections, many business owners are entering a period of uncertainty as they await the potential changes ahead. Most markets have remained fairly quiet following Trump’s win, while others have reacted positively. U.S. 10-year yields are currently hovering at 2% (its highest point in nearly eight months), while other markets have remained resilient compared to the Brexit impact.

The impact of Trump’s victory on the commercial real estate industry is still fairly uncertain. Financial markets have reacted in stride, which will create some form of stability for real estate activity. Although regulations on the financial industry are expected to loosen, which may lead to some market volatility.… Read More

3 Impactful Trends Affecting Pittsburgh’s Energy Hub

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By: Andrew Batson, Director of Research, JLL and Tobiah Bilski, Research Analyst, JLLPittsburgh

While the global energy market faces uncertainty, there are a number of rising trends hitting North America’s major energy markets. JLL’s newly released 2016 North American Energy Outlook takes a deep dive into the trends impacting the industry, and how they’re ultimately changing commercial real estate.

Each of the top seven markets featured in the report—including key U.S. cities like Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Pittsburgh, and Canadian territories like Calgary and Edmonton—face unique opportunities and challenges as a result of a volatile market. We’ve narrowed down the top three most impactful trends affecting a market closer to home: Pittsburgh.Read More

2016 Holiday Shopping Expectations Reach New Highs [Survey]

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By: Arthur Itkis, JLL Vice President, Retail

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and this year retailers are gearing up for a busy season. As the U.S. economy continues its upward climb, it’s not surprising that holiday sales will follow. But, to take a more holistic look at holiday shopping behavior, JLL research surveyed both shoppers (about 2,800) and retail managers (roughly 300) for the 2016 Holiday Forecast.

Read on for top trends from this year’s report.

Wrap Up the Year with Peak Spending and Sales

Compared to 2015 holiday spending, JLL experts are calling for a hefty increase this year—4% to be exact. In fact, 66% of shoppers intend to spend up to $750 on holiday gifts this year.

The Baby Boomer generation reported that they will spend the most this season, with 54% of their demographic spending more than $750 on holiday gifts. Comparatively, millennials have the lowest holiday budget; most plan to spend between $251 and $500. Millennials say low prices is the most important factor when considering holiday gifts, whereas Baby Boomers and those over age 70 reported quality as the most important factor.… Read More

Commercial Real Estate News Brief: November 2016

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In the latest edition of our monthly news brief, JLL’s regional team curates the top commercial real estate industry articles to keep you in-the-know. In this month’s edition, JLL spotlights CRM solutions for brokers, the future of digital workspaces and the 2017 construction forecast.

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CRE Brokers Turn to CRM Solutions

JLL CRE News Brief

Newspaper image via NS Newsflash.

Every dollar spent on a customer relationship management (CRM) system results in $8.71 back for businesses, according to Nucleus Research. That’s why more commercial real estate brokers are looking to implement CRM solutions. But how does the software actually help brokers?

CRM software helps businesses manage interactions with current and future customers via digital tracking and analytics. An enormous amount of data helps brokers foster relationships with clients—including lead and listing specifics. With a CRM, brokers can easily access customer information, determine appropriate follow-ups, and guide clients through the transaction pipeline.… Read More

U.S. Law Firms Re-Strategize Their Commercial Footprint: 4 Key Trends from JLL’s Law Firm Perspective

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By  Dan Adamski, Managing Director, JLL, and Rob Roe, Managing Director, JLL


Varied legal employment rates and an uncertain month-to-month economic outlook have caused law firms to rethink the way they use their office space. JLL’s 2016 U.S. Law Firm Perspective has conducted an extensive analysis of more than 40 U.S. markets, highlighting the… Read More

Taking Notes from the Region’s Most Innovative Offices: 4 Tips

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By: Tim Kay, Managing Director, JLL

Above, JLL’s Detroit office brands itself with modern lounge areas, collaborative space and exposed ceiling beams.

As the fight for top talent grows even more competitive, office design is moving to the forefront of business strategy.

Tech leaders have forever changed workplace expectations. GoDaddy has go-karts for its employees at its headquarters in California, and Cisco Systems has an onsite health center.

While these companies are at the forefront of workplace innovation, we’re seeing trends from Silicon Valley and beyond trickle down into local cities in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Our local offices might not be as extreme (no, we’re not aware of a local office that’s home to go-karts), but we are moving into a new era for workplace design. So, what can you learn from some of the region’s most innovative spaces? We’ve highlighted four takeaways to incorporate into your next workplace strategy. … Read More

Commercial Real Estate News Brief: October 2016

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In the latest edition of our monthly news brief, JLL’s regional team curates the top industry articles to keep you in-the-know. In this month’s edition, JLL spotlights local markets where your paycheck goes the furthest, foreign investment in U.S. CRE and Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Survey findings.

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Paychecks Go the Furthest in Midwest Cities 

JLL CRE News Brief

Newspaper image via NS Newsflash.

Local markets including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Louisville and Pittsburgh all ranked in Glassdoor’s Top 25 Cities Where Pay Goes the Furthest. The study compared each city’s median salary to its median home value, and also included number of available jobs.

Detroit claimed first place with a median base salary of $61,500 and median home value of $123,100, followed by Pittsburgh (No. 3), Cleveland (No. 4), Cincinnati (No. 7), Louisville (No. 10) and Columbus (No. 14).

The pay isn’t the only thing driving interest into these cities. As much of today’s workforce is made up of millennials, more downtown areas are being reinvented to fit their needs and wants. Cities in these regions—including Cleveland, Detroit and Columbus—have redeveloped much of their urban centers to appeal to this population. Many young professionals are also choosing to live in these secondary markets to take advantage of all the downtown perks at a significantly lower cost as compared to other popular markets, like NYC or San Francisco.

Read More

When Is It a Good Idea to Hire a Professional Project Manager?

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by the JLL Project Management blog.

By: Tim Kay, Managing Director, JLLoffice-594132_1280

Let’s say your company is looking to expand its existing corporate headquarters. Clearly, you’re going to need help with the pre-project planning, scope definition and staffing, but how do you go about getting that help? Do you rely on existing workforce? Hire new employees to manage the project? Or do you outsource the project to a professional project manager?

Similar to how you’d want the best heart surgeon to perform heart surgery on you if needed, the same goes for a project manager. Expanding your corporate headquarters is a big deal and you want to invest in an experienced project manager who is able to deliver more than just a project. You want someone who can help you realize the broader ambitions and business goals for your new headquarters location.

But What Will a Professional Project Manager Cost?

The bottom line impact of hiring a professional project manager to deliver your next office space is often less expensive than many prospective clients believe. With benefits accounting for an additional 43 percent of the hourly wage rate, it can be quite costly to keep an employee on the payroll. And the costs don’t stop there. With taxes, insurance, overhead expenses and benefits, the overall labor burden rate can significantly impact a company’s bottom line.… Read More

The Cleveland Comeback: Urban Redevelopment Can Rebrand a City

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 By: Andrew Batson, Director of Research, JLL

Before the 2016 Republic National Convention (RNC), the city of Cleveland suffered a major image problem. After, however, the mindset of many of its residents and the general public changed.Cleveland Public Square

Two years of construction and planned redevelopment paved the way for Cleveland to make its way back into the spotlight—this time, with modern event facilities and trendy restaurants downtown and along the lakeshore.

Cleveland isn’t the only city using redevelopment as a tool to rebrand its image, but it provides a solid blueprint for doing so. Cities are investing more time and money into their downtown spaces in the hopes of being considered for large-scale events, becoming a tourist destination, driving business growth, and attracting top talent for current businesses.… Read More