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How One JLL Team Member Inspires a Future Generation of Leaders with Junior Achievement

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Our communities depend on us to inspire future generations to excel –– both personally and professionally. Those individuals will grow up to be our future leaders, and need us for support and encouragement to succeed.

Ed Manko, Senior Vice President of JLL’s Pittsburgh office, takes this thought to heart. In fact, he has volunteered at Junior Achievement (JA) for more than 25 years. Manko was invited to join the efforts years ago by the former JA chairman. Ever since, he’s worked primarily on funding efforts, fundraising events, and serves on the organization’s board of directors.

Over the years, Manko has helped raise more than $5 million to support the foundation’s efforts.

On Tuesday, March 8, Manko was honored with JA’s Gold Leadership Award, which provides recognition for individual’s who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the organization. He was chosen from more than 218,000 volunteers. Congratulations, Ed!

JA Ed Manko

Above: Ed Manko accepts the Gold Leadership Award on Tuesday, March 8, at the JA USA Volunteer Summit in New York.

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Commercial Real Estate News Brief: March 2016

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In the latest edition of our monthly news brief, JLL’s regional team curates the top industry articles to keep you in-the-know. In this month’s edition, JLL spotlights workplace trends in 2016, the impact of cosharing office space, and what startups need to know when looking for new office space. 

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Workplace Trends to Watch in 2016

CRE Industry UpdateA new generation (Generation Z) is officially entering the workforce in 2016. After seeing the impact millennials made on office space, we’re expecting fresh perspectives will spark change. According to a recent article from HubSpot, the biggest workplace trends of 2016 will include:

  1. Employee Transitions: Roughly 3.6 million Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) are expected to retire in 2016 to make room for the first college graduates of Generation Z (born 1994 – 2010). Millennials (born 1980s – 2000s) are moving up the ranks into manager positions.
  2. New Office Designs: Offices are shrinking, opening up lounge areas and removing barriers between employees to foster productivity and good morale.
  3. The Technology Takeover: Technology is changing the way employees work. From retrieving information immediately to improving efficiency, technology is finding its purpose in the workplace. Technology may even replace the need for certain jobs—it’s predicted that machines may be able to do half of all jobs in the next two decades.
  4. Workplace Flexibility: More than ever, flexible work arrangements are driving employee decisions to stay at or leave a job. As a result, more professionals are choosing freelance jobs to have more control over their lives.

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Global Technology Firms Set Sights on the Great Lakes

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By: Andy Effler, Associate at JLL

Ohio-techTech giants have expanded their footprints, from Silicon Valley to the Great Lakes market.

JLL’s latest annual Technology Office Outlook identifies two Great Lakes’ cities, Detroit and Pittsburgh, as “sweet spots” for young tech companies. Factors that make this region so appealing to tech startups and giants alike, include:

  • Lower real estate and employee costs.
  • Affordable cost of living.
  • Improving local workforce quality.

Which tech giant has set up shop in your city? Read on to learn about the biggest tech names that are innovating and creating jobs across Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Great Lakes Region Leads the Way in Tech

Uber and Quotient are just two of the major tech names embracing the value Great Lakes cities have to offer. From their origins in major markets like Silicon Valley, discover why each company has planted roots in our cities.

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