Beaumont Health System Named Among the “50 Greenest Hospitals in America”

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By: Ted Spicer, Account Director, Jones Lang LaSalle 

Today’s leading businesses are working toward more environmentally friendly operations. Here at JLL, we are advocates of a “green” workplace. In fact, JLL was recognized among the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute in 2013. By educating and advocating for sustainable practices, companies can positively impact the environment, while simultaneously attracting and retaining quality employees.

This post is the final post in a series, based on Perspectives on Sustainability and Healthcare. It spotlights how Beaumont Health Systems in Detroit was named one of the “50 Greenest Hospitals in America” by Becker’s Hospital Review

Beaumont’s Investments Generate More Than One Million in Savings

For the past few years, Energy and Sustainability Services experts from JLL have worked closely with Beaumont Health System professionals in Detroit to help develop a holistic, environmentally sustainable environment for patients and staff. Beaumont has racked up a number of prestigious awards along its journey to LEED certification, including the Greenhealth Partner for Change award. Most recently, however, Beaumont was honored by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the 50 Greenest Hospitals in America in 2013.

BeaumontRoyalOakHosipitalTo earn this recognition, the Becker’s Hospital Review team analyzed sustainability information from leading healthcare sustainability organizations and experts. Most other hospitals included are housed in newer and smaller facilities, so Beaumont was especially pleased to have its Royal Oak facility recognized. Since the building dates back to 1955, Beaumont had to look for creative ways to make greener building updates.

The hospital’s “green” initiatives are already paying off. Beaumont’s capital improvement projects now generate more than $1.3 million in energy savings annually. To make such substantial progress in such a short time, Beaumont engaged in several key green projects. Below are just a few that have contributed to its transformation.

Beaumont’s Steps Towards More Sustainable Operations  

Beaumont first conducted a LEED gap assessment to evaluate the building’s current status, as well as steps needed to achieve certification. From there, the health system made more than 20 substantial capital investments in greener technologies. (They will see the return on these investments in as little as four months.) These investments include, among others:

1. Replaced lighting fixtures to a more efficient alternative
2. Upgraded parking decks, parking lot lighting and building signage to LED lighting.
3. Installed low flow restroom fixtures.
4. Connected a once-through recycled water system to the closed chilled water loop.

Beaumont also makes a point to engage and involve employees whenever possible. For instance, it keeps employees involved in everyday recycling programs.

To read more about how Beaumont Health System qualified as one of the “50 Greenest Hospitals in America,” download the free report. 

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TedSpicer_headshotTed Spicer is a Senior Vice President in the Healthcare Solutions group for JLL. He is also the account director and client relationship manager for the Beaumont Hospitals account. With more than 11 years of healthcare real estate experience, Ted is responsible for delivering world-class facilities and real estate services to Beaumont’s acute care hospital portfolio of 9.1M square feet.