Big Data Meets Commercial Real Estate (INFOGRAPHIC)

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By: JC Pelusi, Market Leader, Managing Director, JLL 

According to JLL research, only 28 percent of commercial real estate companies heavily rely on data usage. But, change is coming. In just two years, more than half of corporate real estate decisions will be made using data and analytics.

Data and Future CREThanks to new technologies, building data can give executives invaluable insight into how the office is actually utilized by employees. For example, building sensors can detect when rooms are busiest or when meeting rooms are empty for extended periods. Simple insights like these can help guide more informed decision-making.

Big Data, Bigger Benefits

Whether related to energy consumption or office utilization, data can play a leading role in cutting costs. So what’s keeping executives from drilling into data?

In a recent survey, JLL and Forrester Research (@Forrester) asked 392 industry executives to provide feedback around the importance of data analytics and its impact on future corporate real estate changes. The results showed that awareness and education are leading causes of slow adoption in corporate real estate. Thirty-three percent noted that they need training to truly implement change.

Check out JLL’s infographic for more on big data aspirations and inhibitors in the real estate industry.

Download the whitepaper, Mind the Data Gap: Aspiration vs. Reality in Corporate Real Estate, to read the full study compiled in partnership with Forrester.

How is your company adjusting and adapting to the fast-pasted data shift? Share in the comments below.


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  1. Nathan Smith

    Given that office space is one of the top 3-4 expenses a company has this is way over do. Most companies just lease a bunch of space however really never research how and when each square foot is actually used.

    By using technology they will be able to find, lease, and design space much more efficiently and avoid having wasted space.

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