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Taking Notes from the Region’s Most Innovative Offices: 4 Tips

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By: Tim Kay, Managing Director, JLL

Above, JLL’s Detroit office brands itself with modern lounge areas, collaborative space and exposed ceiling beams.

As the fight for top talent grows even more competitive, office design is moving to the forefront of business strategy.

Tech leaders have forever changed workplace expectations. GoDaddy has go-karts for its employees at its headquarters in California, and Cisco Systems has an onsite health center.

While these companies are at the forefront of workplace innovation, we’re seeing trends from Silicon Valley and beyond trickle down into local cities in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Our local offices might not be as extreme (no, we’re not aware of a local office that’s home to go-karts), but we are moving into a new era for workplace design. So, what can you learn from some of the region’s most innovative spaces? We’ve highlighted four takeaways to incorporate into your next workplace strategy. … Read More

When Is It a Good Idea to Hire a Professional Project Manager?

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by the JLL Project Management blog.

By: Tim Kay, Managing Director, JLLoffice-594132_1280

Let’s say your company is looking to expand its existing corporate headquarters. Clearly, you’re going to need help with the pre-project planning, scope definition and staffing, but how do you go about getting that help? Do you rely on existing workforce? Hire new employees to manage the project? Or do you outsource the project to a professional project manager?

Similar to how you’d want the best heart surgeon to perform heart surgery on you if needed, the same goes for a project manager. Expanding your corporate headquarters is a big deal and you want to invest in an experienced project manager who is able to deliver more than just a project. You want someone who can help you realize the broader ambitions and business goals for your new headquarters location.

But What Will a Professional Project Manager Cost?

The bottom line impact of hiring a professional project manager to deliver your next office space is often less expensive than many prospective clients believe. With benefits accounting for an additional 43 percent of the hourly wage rate, it can be quite costly to keep an employee on the payroll. And the costs don’t stop there. With taxes, insurance, overhead expenses and benefits, the overall labor burden rate can significantly impact a company’s bottom line.… Read More