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The 411 on the 412: What You Need to Know About Pittsburgh’s Bustling Market

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By: Tobiah Bilski, Director of Research, JLL 

One tangible way to see the economic health of a market is by looking at the real estate. While often thought of as a steel city, today Pittsburgh is a region that demonstrates deep sector diversity with software, robotics, medical devices, biotechnology, healthcare, information technology, business services and energy driving the economy. 

The 411 on the 412 was developed to provide an overview of the Pittsburgh market. Download the report and explore the largest development sites, how downtown retail is thriving and how the workforce is changing the game.

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JLL’s Roger Staubach Super Bowl Prediction: How Do Philly and Boston Stack Up?

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By: JC Pelusi, Market Leader, Managing Director, JLL

JLL’s Roger Staubach, Executive Chairman and Hall of Fame Quarterback, is back with his prediction for Sunday’s big game. His pick? The Brady-led New England Patriots.

But, the win may only be by a small margin. If the Boston and Philadelphia office markets are any indication of what we can expect Sunday, be prepared for a close matchup. Both cities tout strong office markets, talent and innovative economies.

JLL has gone beyond athletic comparisons and instead used real estate data to help determine the Super Bowl winner since 2011. Since then, the firm has accurately predicted the winner 70% of the time based on vacancy rates, leasing activity, investor interest and more.

Hear more about Staubach’s Super Bowl 52 prediction in the video below.

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Roger Staubach and JLL Predict a Patriots Victory for Sunday’s Big Game

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After successfully predicting last year’s champion, the Denver Broncos, JLL Americas Executive Chairman and Hall of Fame Quarterback Roger Staubach is predicting a Patriots win in Sunday’s big game.

Making predictions for football’s biggest event since 2011, JLL has accurately predicted the winner 70% of the time. Traditionally, predictions are based off of factors off the field, including:

  • Tenant and investor opportunities
  • Demand for premium office space and leasing activity
  • Economic factors, such as job growth

Cities with a positive economic outlook and strong real estate markets typically mirror that consistency on the field, too. And, as it turns out, Boston has way more to offer than just Tom Brady-led victories. Boston is succeeding in a number of industries, including education, technology, life sciences and more to drive job growth in the region.

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Calling all Healthcare Providers: Adopt a Retail Strategy for Your Commercial Real Estate

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By: Paul Heiserman, Senior Vice President, Healthcare, JLL

Healthcare Location StrategyThe U.S. healthcare industry is experiencing profound shifts away from the traditional system. As costs escalate, patients are carrying a higher cost burden, employers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of insuring their employees, while providers and payers are grappling with how to best transition from fee-for-service to population health in an attempt to bend the overall cost curve.

These stakeholders are being equipped with more sophisticated data to better inform their decisions including a drive towards quality metrics, price transparency, and patient-centric / consumer driven care. As millions of Americans are paying for more of their own healthcare, yesterday’s patient is being transformed into today’s savvy healthcare consumer. With increasing pressure on providers and with their drive to become more patient-centric, the industry will increasingly value being in front of the right population mix.

Healthcare consumers are now beginning to seek quality, convenience and affordability in services that meet their family’s specific expectations. This makes sense—they’re spending more of their own money for medical care, so they’re beginning to adopt more of a shopper mentality when they purchase or receive healthcare services.

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Global Technology Firms Set Sights on the Great Lakes

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By: Andy Effler, Associate at JLL

Ohio-techTech giants have expanded their footprints, from Silicon Valley to the Great Lakes market.

JLL’s latest annual Technology Office Outlook identifies two Great Lakes’ cities, Detroit and Pittsburgh, as “sweet spots” for young tech companies. Factors that make this region so appealing to tech startups and giants alike, include:

  • Lower real estate and employee costs.
  • Affordable cost of living.
  • Improving local workforce quality.

Which tech giant has set up shop in your city? Read on to learn about the biggest tech names that are innovating and creating jobs across Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Great Lakes Region Leads the Way in Tech

Uber and Quotient are just two of the major tech names embracing the value Great Lakes cities have to offer. From their origins in major markets like Silicon Valley, discover why each company has planted roots in our cities.

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Midwest Real Estate News Recognizes JLL Experts in Its 2015 Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame

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By: JLL Spaces

It’s official: Midwest Real Estate News has selected its sixth annual class of the Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame (2015). Great Lakes leadership would like to congratulate JLL professionals included on this year’s roster: Rusty Myers, Executive Vice President in Cincinnati and Dan Wendorf, Managing Director in Columbus.

Both are exceptional leaders and producers in the Ohio marketplace, serving as go-to resources for commercial real estate insights locally and nationally.

Below, both leaders took a moment to share personal motivators and market predictions in 2016.

Q&A: JLL CRE Hall of Famer Rusty Myers

Rusty Myers About Rusty Myers: Myers has 30 years of experience in the Greater Cincinnati real estate market. He specializes in tenant representation and agency leasing for office clients, and provides acquisition, disposition and development services. Myers has been involved in more than 250 real estate transactions, many exceeding $300 million in value.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work in CRE?

Myers: I enjoy the variety of what we do in our day-to-day roles. It often ties together finance, marketing, real estate and other specialty areas. Each day is different, allowing you to use your expertise in a variety of areas to help clients succeed.… Read More

JLL Predicts Super Bowl Winner Based on Strong Local Market

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By: JC Pelusi, Market Leader, Managing Director, JLL

JLL Americas Executive Chairman and Hall of Fame Quarterback Roger Staubach has placed his bets on a Denver Broncos victory for this Sunday’s big game.

Staubach does follow the teams closely, but JLL predictions go deeper than on-the-field performance.

Since JLL began predicting Super Bowl winners in 2011, “NFL teams based in cities with higher overall office vacancy rates took home the championship title 60% of the time,” according to JLL Research. With Denver’s vacancy rate a marginal .8% higher than Charlotte’s vacancy rate, Staubach suggests it’ll be a tight game.

Off-the-field statistics also play a role in the outcome of the Super Bowl, including:

  • Tenant and investor opportunities
  • Increased leasing activity from the technology industry
  • A highly educated workforce
  • Low economic rates and population growth

Denver’s commercial real estate office market recently made “an adjustment for the future, just like the Broncos do on the field,” according to JLL. Hear more about Staubach’s Super Bowl predictions in the video below.

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JLL’s Great Lakes Team Celebrates The Holiday Season By Giving Back

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By: Dan Wendorf, Executive Vice President, JLL

Across the Great Lakes, JLL gives philanthropy a starring role in holiday festivities. Every year, our teams in Cincinnati, Clevleand, Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh find new ways to connect with the community and give back to non-profits that we’re passionate about.

This holiday, employees in Cleveland and Columbus dedicated their time, energy, and resources to donate to those in need.

The Columbus office partnered with DawsonCareers to contribute to the Toys for Tots toy drive—all in the hopes of an even merrier Christmas for Central Ohio children.

Toys for Tots

(Above) JLL’s Columbus team donates gifts to Toys for Tots.

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Retailers: 2015 Holiday Shopping Revenue Looks Merry and Bright (REPORT)

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By: Mary Bresnahan, Vice President with JLL and Melissa Ruther, Vice President with JLL. 

The 2015 holiday season is projected to be merry and bright for retailers across the country. JLL recently conducted its annual Holiday Sentiment Report, which revealed retailers’ expectations and preparations for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

So what’s so special about this year? For one, the U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2008, which means more spending money for shoppers.

The calendar also plays a significant role in influencing consumer shopping patterns this year. With Christmas falling on a Friday (the first time this has happened since 2009), 71% of retailers predict after-Christmas shopping will boost holiday sales. The shopping season is also longer this year, with the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas extended by one day. The majority of retailers (68%) expect the extra day to have an impact on sales.


Among the hustle and bustle of what looks to be a promising holiday season for retailers, how can your shop stand out and make a splash? Below we’ve identified three tips that will help drive sales, increase foot traffic, and unify the in-store and online shopping experience.… Read More