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Welcome to Spaces, a Jones Lang LaSalle blog designed specifically for commercial real estate leaders throughout Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Spaces offers insight, news and current research findings that impact the opportunities and challenges you face as you look to own, invest in, or occupy corporate space.

Spaces is written by a team of Jones Lang LaSalle commercial real estate professionals who understand the industry as well as the complexities involved in finding, negotiating and constructing the best physical environment for your business to thrive. Combined, our contributors have hundreds of years of hands-on experience in:

  • Commercial real estate leasing, negotiating and financing
  • Market economics and trends
  • Real estate investing
  • Construction and project management
  • Facilities and property management

Since lease renewal or relocation decisions are not made every day, we know how difficult it can be to understand the complexities once the process begins and the far-reaching impact these decisions have on your business, your employees, and your ability to compete and grow.

Commercial Real Estate Information with Real-Life Applications

Jones Lang LaSalle is firmly anchored in teamwork, and our goal is to share our collective knowledge with you so you can come away with new ideas, approaches or key research to apply to your business’ real-estate needs.

Spaces articles will focus on the following key areas:

  • Helpful guides on leasing decisions, approaches and best practices
  • Spotlights on projects many organizations face, such as:
    • What to consider when building out office space
    • Insight on how a design promotes company culture or fosters a strong work ethic
    • Other office-related trend and news information designed to provide you with ideas that can translate into your own business
    • Market statistics, highlights and trends summarized in a palatable format
    • Curated collections of current real estate news and articles published throughout the country and summarized for you—a quick and easy read so you don’t miss out on information that can help you in your job

What’s in a Name?

You may wonder how we arrived at the name Spaces. It wasn’t easy, but we felt the name was broad enough to cover this vast industry as well as the individual employees that make up our office environments.

  • Spaces refers to a geographic area—addressing issues specific to this area of the country
  • Spaces refers to actual places—the cities, streets and buildings in which we invest, maintain and grow our businesses
  • Spaces also refers to the individual work space where we create, collaborate and discover new, more effective and efficient ways of doing business

We invite you to submit your ideas or suggestions on what you’d like to see addressed through Spaces to help us target our editorial even more. Just post a comment below or email us at

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