Drones: Giving You a New Perspective in Commercial Real Estate

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By: Jordan Phillippi, Associate Director, JLL

Time for a pop quiz: Drones are ____.

  1. A way to capture epic aerial footage.
  2. Key to industrial automation, including the ability to restock warehouse inventory.
  3. Able to deliver small packages (hello, logistics revolution).
  4. Regulated by the FAA.
  5. All of the above.

If you answered e, you’re correct. But, there’s more.

Drone technology has already touched many industries, from e-commerce to construction. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) predicts there will be more than seven million drones in the air by the year 2020, with 19% of them being used for real estate and aerial photography purposes.

At JLL, we’ve used drone technology to develop engaging videos with stunning imagery, altering the way prospective building owners and developers, and tenants can visualize space.

For example, check out this video for a large sublease in suburban Pittsburgh, which used drone technology to film. 


So, how else can today’s owners and landlords, and tenants take advantage of drones?

  • Drones can be used to conduct audits on property sites to get a bird’s-eye view of land and properties, which can be helpful to account for site damage from natural disasters or preexisting problems.
  • Drones can be used to track progress, especially on ground-up projects and new construction.
  • Drones can be leveraged for general building maintenance and monitoring for inefficiencies or potential problems.

Does the tech geek in you want to know more? Learn more about the history of drones and their potential in this Wired article.