Employee POV: What Makes JLL Center One of Pittsburgh’s Coolest Offices

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Courtesy of JLL

What makes an office cool? Flexible workspaces, breaking down silos and innovative tech solutions are a good place to start. All this paired with sweet skyline views and a prime go-to happy hour spot nearby doesn’t hurt either.

JLL Center at Tower Two-Sixty is a current example of all that a “cool” office space should include. Just last spring, Tower Two-Sixty became the new home of our Pittsburgh headquarters—JLL Center. One year later, it’s being recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the coolest offices in the area. Located in the heart of the city, JLL Center fosters a modern, open and inviting environment featuring shuffleboard, cutting-edge technology and a patio overlooking Market Square.

JLLers across all departments are benefiting from the innovative workspace. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some had to say about the new office space:

Q: JLL relied on its own employees to shape workplace design and strategy. How do you see that employee-driven design implemented throughout the office space?

The shared spaces adjacent to the teams they support were designed with employees’ input in mind. Since many of our team’s interactions are smaller, the readily available focus rooms make for great meeting spaces to avoid distractions. While focus rooms are the [preferred] option, there is also the convenience of an additional conventional conference room and a training room with a TV to project our computer screens. – Jason Loehr, Senior Accountant

The office offers a variety of workspaces from small focus rooms for one-on-one meetings to large 12- to 15-person conference rooms for managerial or team trainings. We also have a happy medium of conference rooms that are designed for 4 to 5 people, which include a large TV for computer screen projection. I think the design for the lease administration group in particular really speaks to the ability to embrace change and the opportunity to work differently.” – Nicholas Kelly, IPS Manager

Courtesy of JLL

Q: How does JLL Center’s floor plan and workplace strategy improve your own personal productivity and success?

The floor plan has improved communication among teams. It allows for easy collaboration without always having to reserve a conference room because we have the option to lean over or sit at another employee’s desk. I personally enjoy the focus rooms; they are perfect for those times when I feel I am getting easily distracted in the open floor plan. It’s the best of both worlds.” – Jenna Gasparine, Finance Manager

The closeness and intimate feel has adjusted how I work, and I find myself having more conversations away from my desk.” – Jason Loehr, Senior Accountant

“The many focus rooms have improved my ability to meet with clients with no issues.” – Ron Chamberliss, Service Center Supervisor

Courtesy of JLL

Q: Have you seen the new office space impact talent retention or acquisition, client retention or acquisition, or have other impacts on bottom-line growth? 

I definitely think that the new office space has led to higher volumes of employees and clients. When new employees or clients come to the office, they are blown away by the space and amenities, and they really understand that the mobile working environment does exist. For existing employees and clients, the challenge was to embrace the change (which we have) and we now see the full benefit of the open space environment.” – Nicholas Kelly, IPS Manager

“The overall fresh, clean and modern look of this office space is a big difference, and is a plus for us. We should continue to maintain our constant growth because of it.” – Ron Chamberliss, Service Center Supervisor

Q: What is the best place near JLL Center to grab lunch or happy hour?

The Market offers a vast selection of food options from made-to-order paninis, soup, and cold options to a hot bar that features fresh salmon and other entrees at a decent price. The staff is friendly and the food is fresh and tasty.” – Ellen Demus, Property Service Center Supervisor

For a quick in-and-out lunch, Moe’s & Chipotle are extremely popular. For a nicer sit down lunch a lot of employees like Diamond Market or the Yard. The best place to go for happy hour is City Works for their variety of craft beer on tap and great set-up inside or on the patio.” – Nicholas Kelly, IPS Manager