JLL’s Pittsburgh Office Fit-Out Encourages Mixture of Collaboration and Innovation

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By: JC Pelusi, Market Leader, Managing Director, JLL

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Over the last 10 years, JLL’s Pittsburgh office has grown from 50 employees to roughly 450. In addition to our local brokerage team, the Pittsburgh office is also a national hub for the firm’s Lease Administration and Property Service Center teams—hence the need for a new and improved space.

In case you haven’t heard, our team moved into JLL Center at Tower Two-Sixty this past May. The new space includes three floors (55,000-square-feet) and a balcony overlooking Market Square. Our team is honored to join the city’s elite skyline, but it didn’t happen overnight.

For the fit-out of our new Pittsburgh office space, we handed the reins to a team of four women to lead the charge on workplace strategy and design. In this post, I’ll dive into the team’s process, plus a quick look at JLL’s newly finished office.

Introducing the Project Leaders of JLL’s Fit-Out

The team responsible for the three-floor fit-out of JLL’s Pittsburgh space was led by project managers Shelley Boyle from JLL, Megan Corrie from Turner, Patti Andritz from Franklin Interiors, and Jennifer Askey from Perkins Eastman.

Each woman has a unique story of how they got started in the construction and architectural design industries. Andritz fell into the field out of high school in the 1970s. Askey and Corrie dabbled in both architecture and construction before deciding which was the best fit to pursue; Askey earned a degree in architecture and Corrie went into construction. And Boyle admired her aunt’s work in interior design, which influenced her to follow in her footsteps. After working at a number of architecture firms, she then entered a new role in project management.

Among them, the team has about 75 years experience.

Project Teams Bring Their Own Collaborative Strategy into Workplace Design

Throughout the project, they strived for open-minded, innovative ideas and made collaboration a top priority from all team members.

“As an architect, the most important thing for me is my relationship with the project manager and the superintendent,” said Askey in a recent article from Breaking Ground.

By emphasizing the importance of collaboration and communicating often, the team was able to openly discuss challenges and come to lasting resolutions.

Similarly, they also identified multitasking and organization as two key components that made their day-to-day routines run smoothly. Staying organized made their interactions with one another easier, and also encouraged the group to stay focused on the big picture: a flexible, inviting new office design that would accommodate a variety of work styles.

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Now Complete: A Look Inside JLL Center

Now that the project is a wrap, all of our Pittsburgh employees have made the move into JLL Center. The new space incorporates cutting-edge workplace design, with the perfect blend of collaborative space and innovative technology.

The city of Pittsburgh is thriving with new business and renovations—many of which inspired the look for the workspace. JLL Center showcases the company’s commitment to the city of Pittsburgh through culture-infused décor, floor-to-ceiling windows that feature the city’s skyline, and notable Pittsburgh “neighborhoods” featured as collaborative workspaces. Additional key design features include:

  • A meeting-friendly patio overlooking Market Square. JLL Center Rooftop Dek
  • Designated quiet, no-phone zones.
  • Height-adjustable standing desks.
  • The latest technologies (a conference room with Blackbird mapping capabilities).
  • Stress-reducing games and activities (who doesn’t love shuffleboard?).

After the successful JLL Pittsburgh office build-out, the team is already looking forward to more opportunities to work together again.

Read more about JLL Center’s female-led team here in the May / June issue of Breaking Ground.

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