Making Global Connections: Six JLL Leaders Attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting

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By: JC Pelusi, Market Leader, Managing Director, JLL 

WEF DavosLast month, global leaders in business, government, international organizations and academics gathered at the Annual WEF in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland to discuss major issues and themes around the global economy. High-profile speakers at the symposium included Al Gore, Bill Gates, the Prime Minister of Italy, professors from Harvard and MIT, bankers from Russia and China, among others.

Honored among 100 organizations as a WEF Strategic Partner, JLL also sent six global leaders to participate in the event, including:

In Davos, JLL led the conversation around the most impactful international commercial real estate trends. Below, I’ve included a snapshot of key topics for discussion at the event.

  • The top 30 cities for real estate investment. Half of the world’s real estate investments take place in 30 cities worldwide. Take a look at the full list.
  • The latest City Momentum Index (CMI) tracks the rate at which key cities are evolving. JLL ranked the top 20 cities that are changing at the most accelerated pace, with London coming in at number one. See the full CMI for details.
  • Real estate’s role in the market cycle. Real estate plays a key role in financial cycles, and can impact both their frequency and severity. Check out the full release for details to read up on real estate’s cyclical nature.

From snapping a selfie with a princess to evaluating how India’s emerging economy could someday outpace that of China, JLL’s thought leaders recapped their personal experiences on the JLL blog, Notes from Davos.

Here’s what JLL attendees had to say:

“During the last 24 hours I have had personal conversations with 9 Fortune 200 CEOs. It is interesting to note how they are all aware of the JLL brand and respect what we have all worked to create during the last two decades … an advice-based real estate firm with worldwide reach.” — Herman Bulls

“We saw a powerful speech from U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the importance of everyone coming together to forcefully combat terrorism, starting with ISIS …”Jon Zehner

“Progress on diversity is consistently raised here as a business priority in both public sessions and private conversations about successful business performance.”Sheila Penrose

Pittsburgh Hosts Satellite Location for Global Forum

The WEF appointed four satellite locations, one of them being Pittsburgh. In a blog post, Bulls discussed the connection between JLL, Davos and the Energy Innovation Center, where the Pittsburgh event was held.

“[The Center] contributes to socially responsible workforce development, fosters energy and technology advancement, and assists in job creation through a commitment to diversity, innovation and comprehensive education.”

The complexity and variety of subjects reviewed at Davos contributed to the beauty of the conference, according to Bulls. Each of the JLL executives shared an appreciation to interact with world leaders and contribute to exploring solutions for contemporary issues impacting those around the globe.

For an in-depth look at conference discussions, check out JLL’s blog Notes From Davos. Or, hear what JLL attendees have to say on their video updates.


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